Pannebakker Family Association

July 2-4, 1999 was marked with a family reunion organized to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the marriage of Hendrick Pannebecker and Eve Umstat.  The reunion was held in Pennsylvania, with many activities at Pennypacker Mills in Schwenksville.

One of the outcomes of this reunion was a resolve that an organization should be formed to include all of the descendants of this family, and others sharing this historically important name.  After a brief period of recovery from reunion planning, several people agreed to create this organization.  We are a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Delaware.  You are hereby invited to join the family organization.

The Pannebakker Family Association, so named using the old Dutch spelling of the family name, maintains a central repository containing data files outlining all the lineages back to the origins of the various Pannebakker lines regardless of the spelling variation.  Presently, there are well over 12,000 descendants of Hendrick and Eve, and another 1500 descendants of Weigand Pannebaker in our database.  The archivists and genealogists will assist in establishing your lineage.  Most, if not all states are represented in our database.  Cousins are everywhere!  Let’s help each other find them.

As a member of PFA, you will receive a quarterly newsletter filled with articles of interest to the family.  You are encouraged to submit articles, pictures or information for use in the newsletter.

Reunions will be planned and held as often as possible to provide an opportunity for all of the cousins to meet and discuss common issues.  This could involve thousands of people from all over the country, since we are a very large group.

As a member, you are encouraged to run for office, vote in elections of officers and take an active part in the PFA.  This may involve volunteering to serve on committees, assisting with research groups, or other rewarding ventures such as planning meetings, reunions, fund raisers, etc.

Our annual dues are only $15 for an individual, $20 for a couple. We also offer a three-year membership at a reduced price, $40 for an individual and $50 for a couple.

Any member attaining the age of 80 will be dues free.  Special dues exemption may be given to those who contribute funds, artifacts, or other valuable assets.

                            Please click on the link below if you are interested in joining us.

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